Information for buyers and tenants on aviation-related noise pollution

The law on the orientation of transport provides that from 1st June 2020 the purchaser or lessee of a real property will have the right to know whether or not the real property is located in a noise zone defined by a noise exposure plan for aerodromes (hereinafter: NEP).

When buildings built for residential use or for mixed professional and residential use located in one of the noise zones defined by an NEP will be sold or rented, a document informing of this situation will be communicated to the future purchaser or lessee. This document will include a clear and precise indication of the zone, the website address of the online information service where the NEP can be consulted and the fact that it is possible to consult the NEP at the town hall (article L 112-11 of the urbanism code).

The document will be, on the one hand, integrated into the technical diagnosis file annexed to, as the case may be, the promise of sale, the authenticated deed of sale or the lease agreement and, on the other hand, annexed to the authenticated deed of sale.

The purchaser or the lessee may not rely on the information contained in this document against the seller or the lessor, which is only indicative. Nevertheless, in the event of failure to comply with the obligation to include the document in the diagnostic file and to annex it to the deed of sale, the purchaser may rescind the agreement or ask the judge to reduce the price (article L 112- 11 of the urbanism code).

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