Our firm, based in Paris, is resolutely focused on Central and Eastern Europe, drawing on its teams in Hungary, Romania and Serbia.


Our office in Paris is structured to support our clients in two main areas:

  • Their international development, in particular facilitating their access to markets in Central and Eastern Europe. We place special emphasis on the formation of the team that will be in charge of the entire case by selecting the appropriate lawyers within each of our offices.
  • Their activities regarding mergers, acquisitions and real estate in France thanks to the expertise we have established in this field.

Our team in the Paris office combines excellent local expertise in real estate law with strong transactional and international experience in real estate law, as well as in mergers and acquisitions.


Our firm is well-established in Hungary and recognized as one of the premier law firms for international business. This position is the result of the experience gained by our team, most notably by François d’Ornano, who has been active in Hungary since 2000.

The office is organized to best:

  • Advise our clients on matters in Hungary.
  • Centralise and coordinate our range of services in the other countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia) and Eastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo).

The Budapest office is regularly mentioned in specialist international guides as a key player in the market.


We assist our clients in their development in Romania. Our team has the experience and the technical and transactional expertise to meet our clients’ needs on complex issues. Our team is recognized in Romania for both its technical capabilities – particularly on complex cross-border mergers and acquisitions – and its efficiency and professional integrity. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with innovative legal advice in an ever-changing environment.


In collaboration with local firms expert in the matters at hand, our presence in the Balkans is both historic and strategic, François d’Ornano having been one of the first international lawyers to start practising in the country. We advise numerous French and international clients regarding privatizations, mergers and acquisitions in Serbia and the Balkans, operations often involving several jurisdictions. The sectors of activity involved range from banking and insurance to telecoms, retail, pharmaceuticals and hospitality.

With its teams in Paris, Budapest, Bucharest and Belgrade, the business law firm D’ORNANO PARTNERS has demonstrated its capacity to complete complex cases in both strictly local and cross-border situations. Our offices and partners have strong references from their many clients, both in the area of mergers and acquisitions and that of real estate investment and major infrastructure projects.

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