The state of emergency in Bulgaria ended on 13 May 2020, replaced as of 14 May by another form of extraordinary legal framework allowing the government to maintain the existing and/or impose new restrictions related to the COVID-19 epidemic – the emergency epidemic situation.

For the time being, the propagation of the virus remains relatively low and certain restrictions are released. As of 26 May, theatres, cultural and musical events are allowed with limited audience to accommodate social distancing rules. As of 1June, restaurants, bars and cafes will open fully (terraces have been open since 6 May); only discotheques and piano bars remain closed.
For one month, until 14 June, employers are required to either maintain the home office working mode for their employees, or if impossible, apply strict sanitary measures at the workplace; all shops, offices and commercial sites are to provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and control the number of visitors to avoid crowding; face masks or similar protective devices are mandatory in all public spaces (e.g. public transport, shops, churches). Distance of at least 1.5 meter is required in the open spaces.

Regarding employers, all rights and preferential regimes, introduced during the state of emergency e.g. the 60/40 compensation scheme for employers, remain in effect until 13 July 2020.

Travel remains restricted to a certain extent, pursuant to an order of the Health Minister of 22 May. Bulgarian and EU citizens are allowed to enter Bulgaria but are to be quarantined for 14 days (unless they visit a family member and the stay in the country is for less than 7 days). Other exceptions also apply to provide for fluent supply of goods and medicines.

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